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Meet: Lexi Little

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Fun Facts About Me

Ordering dessert before my meal is a must for me. Why wait? My sweet tooth is real!

My husband is a professional drag racer. You can spot us on discovery channels racing shows.

I love me some John Mayer but my all time favorite song is The Middle by Jimmy Eat World.

My go to stores for clothes shopping is either Nordstrom Rack or Amazon. They're too good!

Don't get me wrong I google calendar when I have to but I am a paper planner girl. I love physically writing my to do's!

Want To Know More?

Hi! I’m Lexi Little, the Founder of Premier Trainings and Chief Trainer. I love helping businesses build a High Performance Sales Team because I’ve seen firsthand that from the 1st employee to the 50th, mastering comfortable communication, confident connections, consistent sales and collaborative goals is the recipe for massive success. If you would’ve asked me as a child if I saw myself being a High Performance Strategist when I grew up, I wouldn't have even known what high performance meant. 


I did not grow up in a home with much money. I was never taught about personal growth & development or mindset. I didn’t know a “Self Help” section existed at the library. Just as our parents, we only know what we know.


When I was introduced to personal growth & development, I was instantly hooked. I knew from that point on that it would be my life's passion. Teaching. Learning. Leading. Training others on how to Be, Do and Have the life they have dreamed of.  


A Lot of those dreams start with money. There are different feelings, views, and beliefs around money but one thing remains true, it's a necessity. And it brings me great joy to teach you how to have more of it. It brings me even greater fulfillment to help you discover how you may be standing in your own way of receiving it because then I can show you how to choose behaviors, feelings and thoughts that better serve you. I know because i’ve done this same thing for many clients. And my greatest client was myself.


Against all odds I made it to adulthood. And it took me realizing that everything happens for me. Not, to me. That shift put me on a great journey. It was on that journey that I spent time learning from some of the best of the best sales teams. In that time, I learned the pillar that started my business, that best is not always as it seems. 


I aim to take the best of the best and show them how to truly be the best. I do this by breaking down communication, connection, sales & goals. This is the core of every high performing sales team. 


I stand tall (metaphorically of course as I’m only 5’3”), strong and triumphant as I invite you to come learn what I’ve dedicated my life to. And welcome you into what true success looks and feels like. Because no matter if you have a dog instead of a child (we have 2 dogs and some days i like them more than my children) or three kids like me. Or you spend your rare free time unwinding to Friends reruns (oh wait that's me). Or maybe you’re reading this as you eat a Poke bowl and Boba tea (oh, that's still just me). No matter the details, no matter the dream, the desire for money is there. It’s time to show your team their next level of success for themselves and for your business. And I will tell you what I tell anyone who will listen, your mind makes your money.

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