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Step Into Your Power

Experience the journey of transition & transformation as we discuss how to live a life of setting down the "backpack of BS" and picking up our hearts deepest desires. We've all experienced trauma & heartache is some form or another, learn how to set yourself free. Healing, courage, freedom, & empowerment are already inside of you, I just help you discover it.  

The Success Strategy

Success looks different to many of us. We can have success in business, relationships, parenting, and more. The steps to achieving success in every area of life are the same. Learn the secret strategy to being, doing & having everything life has to offer.

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"Lexi was transparent and real from the start. She shared her struggles and helped make every woman feel beautiful and empowered! I'm honored to have experienced that moment in life with her. She encouraged me to dream bigger!!"

-Kari Cooper

"I was beyond blessed to attend the conference Lexi spoke at!! I felt healing power and spiritual strength pumping in the conference!! I strongly recommend listening to Lexi speak to help you heal!!!"

-Kim Mejia

Professional Snapshot

Official Bio

Here’s the truth: Everything happens for you. Not, to you. And you have to believe that to stand in a place of empowerment. Lexi decided to be grateful for her journey. Rather than just accepting the cards that life dealt her, She created a whole new deck. Lexi, the mother of a daughter and two bonus sons and from Taylor, TX is here to tell you how to create the same thing for yourself. Lexi is a certified NLP Trainer, Quantum Healer, Life and Business Coach. She is a highly respected speaker for her leadership in the success of sales and self. Her elite programs support and train the top sales professionals. And gained her mentorship from some of the finest high level leaders. Lexi’s story and gifts continue to empower and profoundly impact high performers and those who aspire to be. 

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